About New Hope Clinical Research

The highly experienced team at New Hope Clinical Research conducts clinical trials, which are research studies to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of newly developed drugs.They operate a state-of-the-art, phase I-IV clinical facility in Charlotte, North Carolina, where they received a routine US Food and Drug Administration audit that found no problems.

The results of their FDA audit is an exceptional achievement considering only 20% of all FDA inspections of clinical research facilities result in no significant deficiencies.The team managing the clinical trials at New Hope Clinical Research Center are top-notch. The team’s medical director has a fellowship from Duke/GlaxoSmithKline in New Drug Development and Clinical Research and is personally involved in every study.

The professional team includes registered nurses, dietitians, counseling services, and board-certified physicians. They also have the supporting staff necessary to ensure they stay in compliance with all FDA regulations.At New Hope Clinical Research, they study investigational medications to treat a variety of health conditions, including Alzheimer’s disease, cardiovascular disease, gastroenterology disease, and many psychological disorders.

The facility is equipped with today’s advanced technology, but they haven’t forgotten about the needs of study participants.Clinical trials depend on volunteers to join the studies, so New Hope Clinical Research provides all the comforts of home, from memory foam mattresses to a recreation room that includes video games, movies, and computer stations. They also schedule weekly calisthenics classes and offer indoor basketball.

To learn whether a current or future clinical trial is planned that targets your health condition, call New Hope Clinical Research or book a consultation online.


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