“I cannot thank you and the staff enough for the respect and general kindness you showed my wife.”

John S.

” I just love you people, you are so kind, I love coming to see you all.”

Mary L.

“After years of being in and out of the psych ward, our son met Dr. Abraham, after speaking with him about our son’s disease and learning about Schizophrenia and how it develops, we understood some of his actions. After about two years of treatment, our son enrolled in a clinical trial at New Hope. I was amazed at his change in behavior after a few months of the new treatment. Our son became more involved in our lives and being somewhat outgoing. He has been in the study receiving study medication for 3 years and is now holding a job and has his own car. Our son has benefited from coming to NH and learning about his condition and it is truly helping him.” We were so desperate in trying to find help for him after he struggled for so many years, we are so happy to have New Hope. We have our son back!!” Drug approved: Ability Maintena®”

Mike A.

“What was the reason that you chose to participate with New Hope? a) For research and to help with my problems Tell me what your experience has been with our services: a) The services are wonderful and worth the time If someone called you and said:”Why should I participate with New Hope? What would you tell them? a) Because they will get the best results (for participating) What have we done for you that other do not or have not in the past? a) They have research the best possibilities to help me with my journeys through life. What have we done that made the biggest difference for you? a) “They have helped me with the way I think” Comments: “Recommend to anyone with psychological problems”

Scott A.


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