We are the only location in NC offering this break through study:

Why is this drug being tested?

It may be acting upstream of all the defects in Alzheimer’s brains going after the possible cause rather than the effects; at the ‘Top of the Pyramid’.

What does this drug do?

It turns on and turns off genes that regulate brain functions.

What could this drug do?

Based on studies in Alzheimer’s rats T3D-959 could:

  • Stop the production of plaques
  • Stop the production of tangles
  • Improve memory
  • Improve motor function
  • Stop the inflammation that damages brain cells
  • Improve the structure and function of the brain

How will this study benefit me and others?

  1. Provides critical information as a first step in the development of a potential breakthrough medicine.
  2. Guides the design of future bigger and longer trials of the drug
  3. Before you start your trial medication, your doctor can establish a baseline of how your brain is currently functioning
  4. At the end of the study you will know how the drug affected your brain scans
  5. At the end of the study you will be informed of your ApoE status
  6. Your out-of-pocket expenses for your current dementia drug therapies will be paid for 7 months
  7. You and your caregiver will be compensated for travel costs